Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cheer Chen

Words cannot describe how much I love Cheer Chen's (TW singer/songwriter) music. It was definitely not love at first listen, but after giving Cheer songs repeated listens, her's clear, soft voice and mellow acoustic guitar grew on me. Most of Cheer's songs are relaxing and very simple (minimal instruments - only the guitar and sometimes piano). However, Cheer's upbeat/rockish songs are wonderful too. I'm proud to say that this songwriter & singer is one of my favorite, favorite c-indie/alternative artists and will remain forever, no matter what future music directions she decides to take.

I wish I could attend her concert someday... someday...
A Nice Interview I enjoyed @ Petite Mort

Sample Track: 太聪明 (Too Smart)

Sample Track: 静静的生活 (Living Quietly)


Anonymous said...

girls with guitars! hmm, the links don't work though. bandwidth has been exceeded.

漪漪 said...

Aiyaya, I thought freewebtown allowed unlimited bandwidth :(
Thanks for telling me noodz-shi, I just fixed all the links ^_^

enjoy Cheer!