Friday, April 07, 2006

Cheer Chen Lyrics, Instrumentals, MVs, etc. etc.

Hi everyone - sorry for the late update. I'm also sorry to tell you guys/girls that I won't be able to do any updates here the next month, because I will be studying (and cramming) for my six AP tests coming up in May. Passing these AP tests is very important to me, because if I pass, I will get free college credits - which will save money and time. I plan to cut myself entirely from the internet...ok, maybe not entirely *_^ But I will rarely be online for more than 5 or 10 minutes a day, only to check my email & such.

If you enjoy reading my blog and have kept coming back, thank you very much! I love writing how much I like these artists ^_^ and it's nice to see you guys/girls enjoy their works too. (Go Cheer go!) If you don't like my blog but still comes here once in awhile because you're bored, well, you won't have to anymore! ok I'm kidding :P

Of course, I have no intention of stopping updating this blog. After taking all my AP tests (hopefully sometimes mid-May), I will re-start procrastinating online, listening to lots of music, and telling you guys/girls about more artists that I like.

But in the mean time, I hope you will understand (and I hope I will accept the fact that I can't procrastinate anymore *_^)

On a happier note - I've been working on a Cheer Chen Lyrics blog for awhile now, and I think I'm ready to show it to everyone ^_^ Basically, the blog has all the Cheer album lyrics in simplified Chinese & pinyin, I also added some instrumentals so you can singing along with her! There are MVs & other media from youtube of course, and if you guys/girls have suggestions on how I could make the blog better, please email me at ^_^

Of course, I plan to translate Cheer lyrics into English in the future (mostly on a request base I guess), so let me know if there is any specific song(s) that you want translated.

Have fun! Enjoy the lovely weather, and don't procrastinate like me... *_^

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Zhang Xuan (Deserts)

photo credit: kyleme's flickr

I first heard about the Taiwan indie singer Zhang Xuan while reading conjee's blog. And that's when I heard & fell in love with the song "Baobei." (it seems like conjee got the song from Mr. makzhou ^_^) Two days ago, when I was checking out Mr. makzhou's list, in which Zhang Xuan was one of the top artists, I was reminded again of Zhang Xuan & searched for her on google again... Finally, finally I found her debut album "Maybe I don't care" at angeltalent's blog!

As angeltalent says, "Maybe I don't care" is not an official album. It is handmade by Zhang Xuan (she copied the lyrics one by one) & Sodagreen's lead vocal Qing Feng (he drew the background art) given as gifts to fans. Holy cow. How awesome is that (minus the fact that I will never be able to get it *_^).

Of course, when I listened to her album, it was instant love. I love her voice. I love her mellow, acoustic melodies. I love the lyrics. I love how refreshingly different she is from others that I'm listening to, I love how flawless the whole album is...

Definitely grab the album from angeltalent's blog guys/girls - Zhang Xuan's up there with Cheer & Cao Fang! ^_^

Sample Song: my life will

Ha, the sample song is not Baobei, because I'm uploading it to my radio blog ^_^ but of course, I love "my life will" too ^_^

无与伦比的美丽 (Incomparable Beauty) Live @ Youtube

holy cow I love this song too...and I love youtube...and nice Taiwan indie lovers who upload live videos to youtube... *_^