Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another mini "News" update: Cheer yay + argh, Loveholic, the Indigo

Happy news: Cheer released another 2 singles in very cool & fun packages titled "Happy Summer" (Female version & Male version). Each package contains 1 Cheer single, Cola King's limited edition notebook, a really cute male/female doll, and some happy summer post-it note thingies.
Sad news: 1. I can't buy it 2. it's sold out 3. I can't get it not only because it's sold out but it's another limited edition, sold only in Taiwan, none-mass distributed Cheer jewel...


Well, life goes on I hope *_^ and if there are singles, maybe another album is in the making. Who knows ^_^ For those lucky ones who live in Taiwan or plan go to Taiwan early December: go see Cheer at the Simple Life concert! Maybe she'll even perform her new singles...

Anyway, Loveholic will also soon release their remake album "Re-Wind." Just in case if you don't know Loveholic - they're an awesome Korean modern rock/pop band that has grown pretty popular during the recent year (Korean drama soundtracks!) Their upbeat songs are catchy, their slower songs are beautiful, and Jisun - the lead singer has a powerful yet pretty voice. I have so many, so many favorite songs of theirs. Having already heard half of the remake album, I'm expecting that the other half will also be great ^_^

Take a trip to youtube for lots of Loveholic fun ^_^

Sample Song: 늘 (Always)

Lastly, the Indigo just released a new album! What a pleasant surprise ^_^ Not only that, I guess Ichikawa Yuichi is trying out a new, long hair image :o) I haven't listened to the Indigo for awhile now, but it seems that some songs on their new album "FUTURE FOLK" are poppier than usual. But than again, their music is always a mix between pop/electronic/folk/etc. Welcome back - fun & upbeat music that makes me want to dance :o)

Sample Song: マスターミュージック (Master Music)