Sunday, October 29, 2006

News? Update

Err, I can’t believe it. Around a week or two ago, I visited Cao Fang’s blog (haven’t gone there for months). And guess what? New song!!!! It seems like the new song has been posted on her blog for awhile now…*_* I’m glad I finally spotted the update ^_^

Since I'm on the subject of (or lack of) updates, Spangle call Lilli line is releasing their best album “since,” Super VC just started recording their new album (I am super, super excited), also, see them live here (they have a new bassist too). Cheer just had an “unplugged” concert in Hong Kong (ah I wish I was there instead of August… *_*), Faith Yang (Yang Nai Wen) is releasing her new album in December, and…and….. Sweater’s new album is finally going to be out next year!!! (thanks Anna for letting me know :o)

Well, here are the new tracks from Cao Fang and also My Little Airport!

Sample Track: Cao Fang - 礼拜六礼拜七 (Saturday Sunday)


Picture by bluedangdang

Sample Track: My Little Airport - 我愛官恩娜,都不及愛你的哨牙 (I love Ella Koon, but not as much as I love your buck-tooth)
(Track linked directly from Site)

Haha another wonderfully original & cute track from MLA! ^_^

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Audio Archive

I got a few emails asking me to re-upload none-working sample files on my old posts this summer. So this weekend I've been replacing a lot of the none-working links with new ones. I've also decided to create an audio archive at filelodge, so in the future - when the samples expire, there's a backup system ^_^

Everything should be up except 8 posts since I'm in college right now & didn't bring all my cds *_^

Have a great weekend everyone!

And then?!!

Sample Song: Wang Yi Jui - You Are Far

"And then?!!" is the indepedent compilation album created by 22 Tainan National University of the Arts (Music Department) graduating students (their graduation piece). The album name, "And then?!!" refers to the students' mood while creating the album-what will life be like when they graduate? Especially during a period with high unemployment rate where finding a job is very uncertain (I love how the album cover conveys their feelings). Surprisingly, while creating this album (which took a year), the artists' intention is also to embrace and remember their present images/lives. The seven songs on the album are "brave, original, pure, and simple creations." It is their dream coming true.

And the music? I love love love it. It's got the great, Taiwan indie music's cuteness, but it's also very relaxing & quiet. "And then?!!" is becoming one of my favorite compilation albums just because of the beauty in its simplicity. Good luck Tainan students - I hope you will keep on embracing life, creating your own melodies, and "embracing everyday's magnificent sunlight."

Sample Song: Shui Jiu Jue - 楼梯口 (Staircase Entrance)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cherry Boom

Started out as a couple of Taiwan college students playing music in 2003, Cheery Boom officially debuted with their album "My Dear Prince" in 2006 after being discovered & then extensively trained by, well, professionals in the field of course. I first heard Cherry Boom's music this summer - they're a pop-rock band (although their music is also described as "E-punk" and "coolsweet" ^_^) playing nice & catchy tunes. I'm actually quite surprised that they're so big in China - even my cousin, who is a diehard c-pop fan, likes them! But hey, I welcome fun girls' rock music anytime ^_^ Wouldn't you?

Joe Russo's ( Cheery Boom concert pictures

Sample Song: 不对也要爱 (Love Even If It's Wrong)

The sample song is actually one of Cherry Boom's slower songs. I posted it because I love it so much :P and you guys/girls can see & hear their more upbeat MV "Fresh Morning" @ youtube ^_^ Their song "I wanna rock" is also on the odeo player thingie at the sidebar (because I also love it :o)

PS I'm going to try out the odeo player/podcast ( from now on ^_^

Summer, College, and Procrastination

Jiu Zhai Gou

Hey everyone - sorry for the long long hiatus *_* After AP tests and finals, I went back to China & spent the whole summer with my extended family. My cousins, aunts, and I travelled to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shaoxing, Jiu Zhai Gou, etc. I even went to Hong Kong for the first time!


Of course, summer in China means massive cheap CD shopping sprees for me ^_^ With the help & advice of makzhou - I found some nice, cheap, and none-pirated Japanese CD shops in Shanghai & Hong Kong. I also bought some Taiwan albums (ironically) in Hong Kong :P and mainland wise - the CDs I've acquired ranged from Modern Sky compilations to Stefanie Sun. It was awesome.

Hong Kong

Another fun thing is that I actually caught a worthwhile concert this summer! In Hong Kong! I must be really lucky, because the weekend I was there, piana had a concert there! Hmm, I can't believe I never mentioned piana in my blog. Well, soon :o)

Hong Kong

After feeding myself massive amounts of food, fun, and music (greedy greedy me...), I flied back in late August - and college soon started *_^ Thus, the past month I've been trying to adjust to the new enviornment, new people, new, tiny dorm room, etc. etc.

Shanghai Sea Aquarium

But I'm back now ^_^ and I hope everyone had an awesome summer!