Sunday, April 02, 2006

Zhang Xuan (Deserts)

photo credit: kyleme's flickr

I first heard about the Taiwan indie singer Zhang Xuan while reading conjee's blog. And that's when I heard & fell in love with the song "Baobei." (it seems like conjee got the song from Mr. makzhou ^_^) Two days ago, when I was checking out Mr. makzhou's list, in which Zhang Xuan was one of the top artists, I was reminded again of Zhang Xuan & searched for her on google again... Finally, finally I found her debut album "Maybe I don't care" at angeltalent's blog!

As angeltalent says, "Maybe I don't care" is not an official album. It is handmade by Zhang Xuan (she copied the lyrics one by one) & Sodagreen's lead vocal Qing Feng (he drew the background art) given as gifts to fans. Holy cow. How awesome is that (minus the fact that I will never be able to get it *_^).

Of course, when I listened to her album, it was instant love. I love her voice. I love her mellow, acoustic melodies. I love the lyrics. I love how refreshingly different she is from others that I'm listening to, I love how flawless the whole album is...

Definitely grab the album from angeltalent's blog guys/girls - Zhang Xuan's up there with Cheer & Cao Fang! ^_^

Sample Song: my life will

Ha, the sample song is not Baobei, because I'm uploading it to my radio blog ^_^ but of course, I love "my life will" too ^_^

无与伦比的美丽 (Incomparable Beauty) Live @ Youtube

holy cow I love this song too...and I love youtube...and nice Taiwan indie lovers who upload live videos to youtube... *_^


makzhou said...

well, when I heard of her for the first time, it was when a friend of mine went to taiwan and go to her show. He interviewed(his blog is journalren her and bouthgt her CD. I am so impressed by her voice in Baobei! I believe many other also shared the same feeling two.

BTW, her father is a famouse politician 焦仁和

'z1 said...

wow, i just heard baobei on your radioblog. you're right, she's up there with cheer and cao fang

do u have more? =)

Damien said...


I'm French (I live in Paris) and just discovered Tian Yuan in the movie Butterfly. I really liked the music and listened to the album "A Wishful Way". But this album was released 4 years ago. I am looking on the Internet if Tian Yuan has some new projects (albums, films, books) but I do not find anything, because I can not read Chinese (I would like ^_^). You seems to be quite good in english... Could you please tell me some news about this great artist ? I would be very happy ! Is she still studying ? Will she continue her artist career ?

Thanks a lot ! I really like your blog. I am fond of Chinese culture and this is a great place about music. :)


Damien said...

By the way, I found this website :

Is this her blog ? Can someone just tell me in English what it says...

Thanks so much... ^_^


philly said...

@makzhou - wow, journalren's blog looks great. I'll have to read it after I finish studying & taking all my AP exams. Thank you! (hmm, and thanks for that interesting fact about her father ^_^)

@'z1 - if you follow my link to angeltalent's blog, you'll find a DL link for her album :o)

@damien - hmm, I'm not sure if Hopscotch is making a new album anytime soon, but Tian Yuan does have a book out (fiction), she just made a horror movie (, and according to sina news in Jan., she is currently working on a HK short film called "August's Story" (

Yes, that is her blog. Err, what specifically in her blog do you want to know? It's kinda long...and random about mp4 players, music that she's listening to, concerts she went to see, animals in the zoo, etc. etc. :P

Damien said...


First off all, thank you very much for your answer... I started to learn Chinese but I am a beginner, I do not understand a word of Chinese on the Internet. I think that it will take me years to learn to read Chinese. :P

I just wanted to know if she had projects or if her career was in a way "over". I am reading her book and I have her album and her first movie, and I think that she is very very talented and versatile. She is very impresive ! Her acting skills are excellent and her voice so mature on her album. I just hope that she will continue in one or all these ways (writing, acting, writing). That is why I asked about her blog... The only thing I would like to know is if she talks about future songs or books or movies. I am glad that she is doing a short movie in HK. Thank you very much for the information. And thank you so much for your help.

If you have any other information about her future projects, I would be very happy to read it here...

Thank you.

Have a nice day,


helikoppter said...

It took me a while, but now I've finally given her a listen ^^
Light and nice and poppy stuff = I like it!

foundurblogongoogle said...

how can i download the song?
i went the that fm. page but i soo confused there =[