Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another mini "News" update: Cheer yay + argh, Loveholic, the Indigo

Happy news: Cheer released another 2 singles in very cool & fun packages titled "Happy Summer" (Female version & Male version). Each package contains 1 Cheer single, Cola King's limited edition notebook, a really cute male/female doll, and some happy summer post-it note thingies.
Sad news: 1. I can't buy it 2. it's sold out 3. I can't get it not only because it's sold out but it's another limited edition, sold only in Taiwan, none-mass distributed Cheer jewel...


Well, life goes on I hope *_^ and if there are singles, maybe another album is in the making. Who knows ^_^ For those lucky ones who live in Taiwan or plan go to Taiwan early December: go see Cheer at the Simple Life concert! Maybe she'll even perform her new singles...

Anyway, Loveholic will also soon release their remake album "Re-Wind." Just in case if you don't know Loveholic - they're an awesome Korean modern rock/pop band that has grown pretty popular during the recent year (Korean drama soundtracks!) Their upbeat songs are catchy, their slower songs are beautiful, and Jisun - the lead singer has a powerful yet pretty voice. I have so many, so many favorite songs of theirs. Having already heard half of the remake album, I'm expecting that the other half will also be great ^_^

Take a trip to youtube for lots of Loveholic fun ^_^

Sample Song: 늘 (Always)

Lastly, the Indigo just released a new album! What a pleasant surprise ^_^ Not only that, I guess Ichikawa Yuichi is trying out a new, long hair image :o) I haven't listened to the Indigo for awhile now, but it seems that some songs on their new album "FUTURE FOLK" are poppier than usual. But than again, their music is always a mix between pop/electronic/folk/etc. Welcome back - fun & upbeat music that makes me want to dance :o)

Sample Song: マスターミュージック (Master Music)


Johnny said...

hey homie, love your page, I am going to link it from mine, hope you dont mind

Anyways sometimes when I click the mp3 page for the songs such as the song "always" by love a holic, the page opens up but then automatically closes. I have no idea why, some work some dont.

Do you know what's up with that?

Is there a way I can get those mp3s? Let me know dude I love the stuff you love too! That cracker cd is sooo awesome. Got any more of that?

Okay peace out man!

Naoko said...

*high 5's yah* xD I'm a huge fan of Loveholic and I see you've posted up the song that just so happens to be my favorite (so far) from their upcoming remix album. I love your taste in music and you can't imagine my giddiness when I've seen you've posted. xD

If you don't mind me asking, I think the CRACKER: compilation for a bittersweet love story soundtrack is really great to, and if it's not so much trouble do you think you could send it to me or perhaps upload more songs by any of the artists featured on it onto here? ^^ Keep up the great work!

P.S. Gah sorry, but you wouldn't happen to have anymore info or music by Bluedawn would you? x_x lovely band indeed.

philly said...

@johnny - check out the Blog Audio Archive:

@naoko - not sure about Cracker, but since I'm on the studying music topic, bluedawn might be next :P