Saturday, May 19, 2007

Summer & Cheer

Hi everyone - sorry I haven't updated this blog for awhile *_^ A lot happened second semester of school - I procrastinated, went to interviews, ran for board positions, procrastinated some more, and finally took & finished my finals! Sadly, I haven't been keeping up with new music for the past few months :( However, summer is here again, and the best gift that summer brings is Cheer's newly released "Flower" concert DVD + 2CD (plus some nice extras such as a photo book of Cheer's live performances) set. Yuppieeeee! ^_^

Of course, I had pre-ordered this as soon as I saw it listed in April. It was finally shipped yesterday...I can't wait to watch Cheer's 2006 "Flower/The Posture of Flower" concert that she performed right after releasing her "A Fabulous Adventure" concert. I have, in the mean time, listened to her 2CD concert songs - and they're awesome as usual. Aside from the simpler background music/instruments, Cheer's voice, pitch, and tone sound just like Cheer on her officially recorded albums. This just proves, again, that without the voice enhancements & the digitally modified whatever blahs, Cheer's music & voice remains pure & original. Self. I would give anything to fly over to Taiwan and go to her concert :o) Hehe, maybe my chances are increasing since my roommate is Taiwanese. I'll just bum off her & go with her to Taiwan someday haha.

Sample Song: A Little Step (Live)

A simple acoustic version of "A Little Step," I love it.

PS The first song on the blog music player is also from Cheer's live album (the song that Cheer & her bf Tiger wrote for Karena Lam).


Cedric said...

Is that Natural Q song "The Earth Got Scared" fantastic or not? It's a shame that they parted. The "Recycles" album was really sweet, and pure "slow summer day" pleasure.

duriandave said...

Hi Philly,

Good to see another post from you. I wasn't expecting any more, but I check every now and then in the hopes of something.

And I'm pleasantly surprised to see Piana in your playlist. I just got back from Singapore, and she gave a performance while I was there, but sadly I couldn't go because I'd already made dinner plans with friends. Oh well, at least I was able to pick up one of her CDs. I really like her music!

Have a fun and relaxing summer! :D


漪漪 said...

cedric: of course it's sweet ^_^ yes...I miss wawa... but it seems like Chico is still going strong with his one-man Natural Q project :o)

Dave: you should definitely catch piana the next time you get a chance. I saw her HK concert...and it was wonderful, peaceful, and beautiful at the same time. You have a great summer too (lucky lucky you who get to travel to Asia so much... :o), and thanks for reading ^_^

placidian said...

I know you don't update very often, but your posts are so thorough and informative; I really enjoy them.
Lovely photos also. Unfortunately, I can't use putfile on my mac, =(
but I have found some of the music elsewhere. (I adore Mavis Fan, and Cao Fang)
Anyway, thank you for having such a nice blog!

duriandave said...

Philly, have you heard of Analog Girl? I picked up her CD when I was in Singapore and have been listening to it everyday for the past few weeks!

Check out her website:

And free songs at her MySpace:

漪漪 said...

@placidian -
Thanks ^_^ By the way, does work on your mac? Because I usually upload the songs there too for archiving.

@Dave -
I've actually checked out her songs on myspace last year ^_^ She is indeed awesome. Thanks for letting me know :o)