Monday, February 20, 2006

Quality mainstream female singers

Whee, let's take another pop break! These female artists may be mainstream & making big bucks (good for them!), but their music is original and lovely for the ears.

Tanya Chua (Singapore)

I love her music. Her alternative rock songs is just too good to pass.

Sample Song: 再见 (Goodbye)

Youtube MVs:
01 02 03

Sun Yanzi (Singapore)

I have a feeling someone's going to kill me if I don't mention her :P I bought Yanzi's New + Best album "The Moment" 2 years ago, and I'm still playing it often in my CD player. Every song is lovely.

Sample Song: 天黑黑 (The Sky is Dark)

Youtube MVs:
Lots and Lots

Zhou Xun (mainland China)

Super famous actress who decided to go into the music industry. It's delightfully surprising that Zhou Xun did not choose the usual formula pop route but decided to sing something refreshingly different - a mixture of electronic, pop, bossa nova, and even rock music. Awesome! ^_^

Sample Song: 从明天 (From Tomorrow)

Youtube MV:
Perhaps Love (film) MV

Jane Zhang (mainland China)

OK, so when I went back to China last summer, I've discovered that everyone was watching Super Girls - a live singing contest similar to "American Idol" but only accepts female contestants. The girl that won the show - Li Yuchun, sings terribly. I cannot and will never understand why she won. It is very sad. However, educated people (:P) all liked Jane Zhang (the second runner up). She has potential, especially since she has great voice diversity (high, low, Christina Aguilara-like, etc. etc.) and I can actually understand when she sings in English! Wow! So, Jane released her debut EP a few months ago. Yes, it's made with the popular audience in mind (aka pop songs), but what can I do? That is what the mass Chinese audience demands of her :P But I still enjoy her songs & her voice ^_^

Sample Song: 逆时针 (Ni Shi Zhen)

Youtube Media:
Perfs + MV + Interview

Ivana Wong (Hong Kong)

Is she an indie artist? A pop artist? I don't know *_* Maybe somewhere in-between? Well, regardless of what her status in the music industry is, I really enjoy her light & creative songs.

Sample Song: 想飞 (Want to Fly)

Karena Lam (Hong Kong)

She's also a famous actress + singer, and her songs - cute light pop tunes - makes me happy ^_^ Also, I just had to mention her & include this song because Cheer wrote the lyrics & her guitarist/bf/producer Tiger wrote the song ^_^ No, I'm not biased - it's really good :o)

Sample Song: 女明星 (Super Star)

Youtube Media:
MVs + Perfs

I probably forgot to mention someone, as there are so many pop artists out there (good ones too :P). Hehe I guess that means there are more pop breaks coming up... but now I have to read Bio *_*

*runs away screaming*


duriandave said...

Thanks Philly! All these ladies are great, but I especially loved Ivana Wong and Tanya Chua. Which one of Tanya's CDs would you recommend most of all?

philly said...

Glad you like them ^_^

Hmm, I enjoy Tanya's "Amphibian" album very, very much. However, "Jupiter" is lovely too if you want to listen to a quality album sang in flawless English. I also love "Stranger" too. So many choices :P