Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cherry Boom

Started out as a couple of Taiwan college students playing music in 2003, Cheery Boom officially debuted with their album "My Dear Prince" in 2006 after being discovered & then extensively trained by, well, professionals in the field of course. I first heard Cherry Boom's music this summer - they're a pop-rock band (although their music is also described as "E-punk" and "coolsweet" ^_^) playing nice & catchy tunes. I'm actually quite surprised that they're so big in China - even my cousin, who is a diehard c-pop fan, likes them! But hey, I welcome fun girls' rock music anytime ^_^ Wouldn't you?

Joe Russo's ( Cheery Boom concert pictures

Sample Song: 不对也要爱 (Love Even If It's Wrong)

The sample song is actually one of Cherry Boom's slower songs. I posted it because I love it so much :P and you guys/girls can see & hear their more upbeat MV "Fresh Morning" @ youtube ^_^ Their song "I wanna rock" is also on the odeo player thingie at the sidebar (because I also love it :o)

PS I'm going to try out the odeo player/podcast ( from now on ^_^


helikoppter said...

Some new fun girl's rock music is always appreciated :)

Somebody asked about their album on FSS a few days ago and I liked all the songs linked on YouTube. This song was even better though! I will have to get myself a copy of their album next time I get some Chinese music from YesAsia :p

(nice to have you back blogging btw ^_^)

PAO said...

Hi~ I simply adore Cherry Boom ChaCha's voice is awesome. :)

Oh.. btw, Im Pao.. Im a frequent visitor of your Cheer Chen page.. but I think you closed it?

Anyways, I hope you dont mind my simple request.. If you happen to have the instru of 'A little step' and can email it to me.. I need it badly. :)

Hope it wont be too much trouble..

My email:


philly said...

@pao - I didn't close my cheer blog: don't know why it stopped working... It's working now though, as I updated to blogspot beta :)

I don't have the instrumental for "a little step," but I'll email it to you when I find it ^_^

Anonymous said...

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