Thursday, February 02, 2006


On the top of my list of awesome, awesome Chinese/TW/HK female singers, there's Cheer Chen, and there's Cao Fang. And then, another person always lurks at the back of my mind because it is so hard to get ahold of her works - especially when I've only discovered her last year.

I found out about ciacia in 2005 while randomly reading a blog.
She sounded interesting, so I followed the link to one of those many free Chinese music sites that offer streams of 20kbps-60kbps music and listened to "Her Sheen Sway." Wow. Despite the bad quality of the streams, all of ciacia's songs sounded good! This must be because ciacia's songs are so diverse, well-written, and awesome that quality didn't matter as much. Ciacia is a Taiwan singer + songwriter who sings indie pop/electronic rock music. On top of her catchy melodies and fun lyrics, ciacia sings in Mandarin, English, and even Japanese (in the song "给女儿 (a letter from my dad)"). Wow.

So I was hooked.

However, I attempted to buy her albums... failure. Both her first album "Perfect Lady" and second album "Her Sheen Sway" were out of print (yuck yuck yuck *_*). Then, she released an EP in September... a month after I came back from China. Great. And now, after I finally got a debit card (yay!) and can shop online, there is nowhere to buy her new EP that actually ships to the US... (hehe I like to share my frustrations :P)

Over the last few months I've been doing random searches of ciacia songs, and so far, I have 10 out 13 songs from her 2nd album in 128kbps! ^_^
Since it took me so long to find her songs, and since more people need to know about wonderful artists such as ciacia, I thought why not make things easier for you guys/girls and share the whole album (since it's out of print)? All I ask is that everyone support these awesome independent singers by buying their albums (when possible & available), going to their concerts (haha I wish...someday), and just send an email saying how much their music brightens up your day! ^_^

enjoy ciacia - all of her songs rock.

Sample Album: 她的.发光摇摆 (Her Sheen Sway)

01 Famous
02 于是
03 我的歌词
04 现在该怎么办
05 Sometimes
06 诡计
07 Light My Fire
08 根本
09 讽刺
10 MR.Right
11 I want my life back
12 黄色太空衣
13 给女儿 (A Letter From My Dad)


Anonymous said...

the links to tracks 7 and 8 don't work :-/

漪漪 said...

fixed ^_^

Unknown said...

It seems that so many times when I do a Google search for some obscure Asian artist, your blog pops up near the top of the listings. =)
I enjoy reading your comments, and seeing the photos. Thank you for the Ciacia!