Friday, February 17, 2006

Deli Spice

Whoa, I must be out of it lately (but then again, I'm usually slow) *_* I can't believe Deli Spice's 6th album is out!

I first heard & fell in love with the Deli Spice song "고백 (Confession)" from the Korean film "The Classic" (great movie in a tearjerker but romantic kind of way hehe). And then, the awesome, awesome Anna shared all her Deli Spice albums with everyone ^_^ You rock Anna! And Deli Spice is great!

Listening to their latest album right now, I'm reminded of how wonderful the Korean modern rock scene is. In this album Deli Spice's songs are light, catchy & fun. Makes me want to dance ^_^

Sample Song: 시아누크빌


helikoppter said...

You're always so kind :P

Delispice really are great though! I was very happy to hear not only all of Omega 3 featured for their new album, but also that Yoon Jun Ho and Choi Jae Hyuk brought some of the Omega 3-sound back into Delispice :) This might be their best album so far!

philly said...

I agree, this is probably my favorite Deli Spice album ^_^ Thanks Anna! You're the one who is kind :P