Thursday, February 23, 2006


Hopscotch has been a personal favorite of mine for about a year now. Another gem from China's (mainland) largest indie label Modern Sky, Hopscoth makes mellow & haunting indie/trip hop music. There is something mysterious and dark about Tian Yuan's (lead singer) voice and the overall feel of every song. I love it. All of Hopscoth's songs are in English, I'm guessing it's because Tian Yuan is majoring in English in Wuhan University (my hometown!). I must admit that Tian Yuan's English is a little hard to understand, but if you actually read Hopscotch's lyrics, they're quite different, dark, and awesome.

Sample Song: She


DsC said...

You should check out "Butterfly", Tian Yuan's acting debut. The film isn't that great, but she steals all the scenes she's in.

philly said...

I did watch that movie ^_^ A person (noodz-shi!) was looking for hopscotch music after watching this movie and I became interested also. And after listening to Hopscotch I just had to see the movie. It was different, and I like its boldness. For a newcomer, Tian Yuan's acting is awesome. She can do...anything :o)

And I guess she was in another movie recently, but it's horror - so I skipped *_^