Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Girls Tape Store

I'm sorry for the late update again - it seems like my teachers won't give us a break even after the AP exams *_* Must...graduate...soon... :o) The semi-good news is, I went to an award ceremony tonight & got my valedictorian award! ^_^ Why is it "semi" good? I'll have to give a speech during graduation *_* Arghhhhh yuck *_*

Back on topic :P I first discovered Girls Tape Store through lemongalaxy's wonderful livejournal (which was introduced to me by, surprise, surprise - Anna! ^_^) Girls Tape Store is a Japanese duo? who makes synthpop & electropop music. They're a bit like supercar, but mellower. I'm so sad that their website doesn't work *_* But even though I know absolutely nothing about them, I love their music. The mellowness, the dreaminess, and the touch of dance beats... Music that I could listen to on any & all occasions.

Sample Song: Lights


hedgehogman said...

well I its ok about the update,sometimes something force us to do other thing. Have a nice day ( with the store)

makzhou said...

i have been looking for their albums for quite some time. Do you think you can share them to me?:p

BTW, I am a super lover of SUPERCAR! haha

para_medic said...

whoa great tune, thanks!! going to see if i can find more stuff by them.
btw friended you on :)

Anonymous said...

I usually don't post in blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful !