Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tizzy Bac - It's My Fault You Turned Out This Way

Photo Credit: indy.liu's Flickr

Tizzy Bac is getting better than ever. I was already very impressed with their first album "Anything can tempt me," but now, I'm amazed. Wow. "It's my fault you turned out this way," Tizzy Bac's second album, just came out recently, and I plan to grab this album along with their single "Hot Summer" this weekend when I figure out how to buy things on a Taiwan site that I found this week that ships overseas! (holy cow that was a long sentence *_^ and I will tell you guys more about it after I succeed in making my first purchase ^_^) Again, I shall be bankrupt....soon *_^

Anyway, this is another crazily good Tizzy Bac album filled with piano, bass, catchy beats, and wonderful melodies + lyrics. The quality of their second album has exceeded their 1st - which is suppose to happen in all great musicians ^_^

Check out Tizzy Bac's site for album songs samples & videos/MVs! They're beyond awesome.

Sample Song: 疯狂的猪 (Wild/Crazy Pig)

MV: Sideshow Bob (credit:aolamor)

MV: 我又再度依恋上昨天 (credit: levonhsu)


makzhou said...

Tizzy Bac is brilliant. I especially like their lyrics. very thoughtful,haha.

if you are familair with rock bands, you will find they are really unique, for they have no guitars! 3 members are: keyboard, bass, and drum. very inneresting.

btw, the second mv on youtube, the contribute levonhsu, is actually their bass player,:P

philly said...

oops, it's bass! And cool fact about levonhsu. You know so much makzhou - I must learn lots from you ^_^

Chris said...

Great band. You nearly always have to get there early to see them live. There new album came with a free live VCD (unfortuantely I've lost my VCD and CD booklet but still have the CD).

NikiWonoto said...

ni hao :)
I am from Indonesia
and just knew about Tizzy bac.
Love their music, they are such a very creative musicians!
It's really such a FRESH air in the Mandarin's often bland music scene, don't you think so? ^^

btw, do you know how old are the band-members/musicians of Tizzy bac?
for example, how old is the singer/songwriter Chen Hui-Ting now?

I've tried to search & look for any info about their profile/bio, but just couldn't find it! :(

So if you help me,
I would really appreciate & happy!^^

cai jien! :)