Friday, May 26, 2006


I haven't listened to good old mainland indie music for a long time now (these days it's either relaxing study music for me or Cheer in the shower + car. I've also been listening to a lot of J-indie *_^). So today, I digged up my Raven album - and Raven is just that - a good old mellow Beijing rock/brit-pop band (hehe you guys/girls must've known by now how much I love mellow music), getting me into my lazy/dreamy mood again.

The cool thing about Raven is that they mix elements of rock, electronica, ambience, trip-hop, and even DJ scratch sounds (one of the band members is indeed a DJ ^_^) into their music. They're definitely one of the more creative mainland bands out there. I love it.

By the way, the free songs provided at the rockacola link below are awesome (and that's the only reason why the sample song is not one of them). Definitely check them out ^_^

Sample Song: 飓风 (Hurricane)


gloomy星 said...

Raven has nice electronica added to some of their songs as well :D I heard that they had three albums, one being a demo before the 生理鹽水 and 拾月 albums (oh how I wish I could read Chinese better >.<). Please let me know if you find it :D

22Cats and Mango532 have released new CD's too, and Mango532's demos can be downloaded from his site:

lemongalaxy said...

That was a really nice song, thanks!

wanga said...

Hi I've been reading your blog for quite awhile. Love your recommendations on these indies. You've got great taste for music. (:

I love to listen to indie artists but its always so hard to get acess to their music. T.T Sigh sigh sigh.

Bo said...

hey, i saw you in the Chinese Indie group on

boy, you sure know your asian indie. haha. i'm not so good with asian indie. hell, i didn't even know china had progressed far enough to have indie bands. lolol.

anyways. you're cool. 8)

Anonymous said...

Hi There!

Greetings from Singapore!

I am very interested in Asian Indie bands too... and stumbled onto your site! :D

I have been to Taiwan & Hong Kong &
I love Tizzy Bac!

I have a band too called TypeWriter.

By the way, where are you from?

Hope you will get to read this email.

Do drop a note to say Hi ok?

email me at >

Chang Kang :D

Lenz said...

Thanks for the great education of China and Taiwanese indie music. The only indie group album I have is Gu Rou Pi many years ago heh.

philly said...

@gloomy - it definitely seems like you can find more Chinese indie (especially demos) than I ever can :P But yes, of course I'll let you know if I find it :o) Thanks for the Mango532 link - I'll check him out soon ^_^

@wanga - thank you for reading ^_^ and whose album specifically are you looking for? Maybe I can help :)

@bo - hehe, indie music is everywhere (at least, I hope) You're cool too :P

@lenz - You're welcome ^_^