Sunday, December 04, 2005

The 4 r&b gods of China

Let's take a pop break! ^_^ Here are the 4 guys that are huge in China/TW/HK/etc. etc. (and who girls drool over all the time hahaha). Since they're so popular in Asia, sharing samples of their songs is pointless here :P So fun (and sometimes weird) MVs will do ^_^

#1 Jay Chou

hmmm, you can always get a girl with blue hair :o)

MV: Mysterious Jay Chou with funny beard

#2 JJ Lin

*tear* I look better as a robot *_*

MV: *tear* I'm a useless person :(
(yes his lyrics literally says that :P)

#3 Leehom Wang

yes yes, bow down to me Leehom hehe

MV: Leehom goes to wonderland and meets girl of his dreams blah blah blah

#4 David Tao

yeah my shirt is more expensive then your monthly salary :P

MV: Ehh????? (I didn't get this video at all)

Don't misunderstand - I love all these guys ^_^ but I just wanted to make fun of them a little today wahaha.

*runs away from angry fan girls*

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