Wednesday, December 28, 2005 charts

Taking advantage of my upgraded account (thanks Anna!), I made some chart images yesterday (never again!) and wanted to post them here ^_^ Yes yes, I have no artistic skills, so close your eyes before you will be blinded by the following images! *_^

sphy's Weekly Artists Chart
My friend the photographer ^_^

sphy's Weekly Artists Chart
Love Maaya and loves "gravity" ^_^

sphy's Weekly Artists Chart

Ah, you can open your eyes again now ^_^


Em Lo said...

hello, i found your blog while trying to search for cao fang's albums.
do you know where i can purchase them online? i live in the states and there is no place where i can find them.

philly said...

Hi, glad you're interested in Cao Fang's music. You can buy Cao Fang's first album at, although it's out of stock for now.

I don't know where to get Cao Fang's 2nd album in the US, but give me your email or email me at and I'll send the album to you ^_^