Thursday, December 22, 2005

Cao Fang (Icy)

Today... is a happy day. Cao Fang's second album "Meeting Me" came out. There is so much to say about Cao Fang - she is a very, very talented mainland singer and songwriter. She is real. She is independent. She is original. She is what "girl power" is all about. Her songs are beautiful, mellow acoustic melodies mixed with occasional folk, indie, rock, and even jazz sounds. I love it. "Meeting Me" is similiar to "Black Perfume," Cao Fang's first album, in its overall acoustic mellowness. However, as much as I enjoy this album, her first album is definitely the more "original," indie one.

That said, Cao Fang is one of my favorite mainland singers. Listen and embrace her music. She deserves to shine.

Sample Track: 孤单的独白 (Lonely Monologue)

A rough translation of her words in the beginning of the song:
Living in this city... everyday moves so fast. Day and night passes with the blink of an eye. Soon, I will sing the last song for you. I hope that the happy moments in life will last longer. Thank you for listening.


noodz said...

Hmm, thanks for the lyrics translations. I like the song even more.

Black Perfume is lovely beyond words. I wouldn't mind hearing Cao Fang's latest.

helikoppter said...

Away from my overloaded playlist at home I finally took the time to listen to some of your recommendations ^_^

This song sounds so sweet! And you've found some cute pics too ^^ I wouldn't mind hearing the full album either :p

philly said...

I planned to start my holiday music batch with Cao Fang ^_^ So her 2 albums are up @ FSS now :o)

I'm so happy that you guys/girls enjoy Cao Fang's music as much as I do. Thank you. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Where can you buy her albums?

Gaby said...

She is a great artist, i wish she would be played more in the states rather than just a GE commercial...but it's good knowing artist that aren't too big worldwide...

kinda like a secret little piece of heaven:)