Sunday, December 25, 2005

Cao Fang MVs

More Cao Fang! (because I'm loving her new cd right now ^_^) Cao Fang only made around 2-3 MVs - unlike most mainstream Chinese singers - who makes a MV for nearly every song they sing (lol, sometimes the MVs get very repetitive). Anyway, I believe Cao Fang have one MV for her debut album "Black Perfume" and one new MV for her new album "Meeting You." Since her 2nd album just came out, I only have a "preview version" of her MV "Meeting You." However, you'll get the point ^_^ and I like the "Black Perfume" MV more anyway :P

Cao Fang rocks!

Watch: Black Perfume
I love this MV, so very different from the usual Chinese pop fluff MVs.

Preview: Meeting You
I guess Cao Fang likes dolls ^_^

Watch: I want to sing myself to you (lol I do really bad translations don't I *_*)
Hmm, four people sings this song together. From what I've read, I think this is the opening song for a college student singing competition show. I think Cao Fang might've been one of the participants, but I'm not sure. Anyway, Cao Fang did not compose the song. Another guy (who also sang in the song) did.

Enjoy ^_^

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