Saturday, December 03, 2005

IndieBlog Update

Another really good mainland c-indie compilation album. The overall feel of this album is relaxing mellowness (except the rap songs by Kungfoo *_^). Since I have quite a few favorite songs here, I've included two sample songs ^_^

Sample Song: No Colour - 夜影 (Night View)

This song is nice & laid-back. *goes into dreamy mood*

Sample Song: Crystal Butterfly - 灵山 (Spirit Mountain)

This song is also quite mellow - which I love. Crystal Butterfly is more indie-acoustic mellow as opposed to N.C.'s new-age/more instrumental-ish mellowness. They're both great though ^_^

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Brian Guthrie said...

I love this album. I was trying to find more similar albums but haven't had much luck. Someday I hope.