Sunday, December 11, 2005

Grassland Music Compilation

This was an interesting compilation album. I thought it was going to be mainly HK indie at first, but after I listened to the whole album and did a brief search on the net, only "My Little Airport" and "The Marshmallow Kisses" are from Hong Kong. The other three featured artists in this album were either from Southern CA (Majestic), UK (Language of Flowers), and Japan/France/Russia (The Konki Duet). My Little Airport and The Marshmallow Kisses of course, makes light funky indie pop music. Majestic is a US band that makes happy, light music resembling The Beatles. Language of Flowers (UK) also makes light acoustic music similar to Camera Obscura. And lastly, The Konki Duet - three girls from Japan, St. Petersburg, and Paris, makes weird but cool acoustic/electronic music ^_^

The Konki Duet

Sample Track (from their official site): Do Family

Language of Flowers

Sample Track (from their label site): Leaving


Sample Track (from their label site): Sunday Driver

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