Friday, February 10, 2006

Cheer Chen Demos

There are many things we can't buy in life - love, courage, happiness... and then there are the Cheer Chen demos. Limited to 1000 copies each, Cheer released her first demo in 1997 and second demo in 2000. I'm sure with over 20000000 people in Taiwan and the limited selling locations (probably mostly at her shows), those demos were sold out pretty fast, gone like the wind. Of course, I didn't even know these demos existed back then. In fact, I didn't know Cheer existed, nor any other music in general. I was just a kid, moving, going to school, practicing piano, and watching cartoons... oblivious to the whole other world of music around me.

And so, after I discovered how much I love Cheer's music, I set out to find her demos. I found Demo2 around a year ago, and it's lovely. Recently, I finally got her first demo from another nice Cheer fan. Happiness. The best thing about these demos is that it's just Cheer and her guitar. Simple, sweet, heaven. Most of the songs on her demos reappear in her official albums (re-recorded with more intrumentals added of course), but there are a couple of new songs (狂恋, 夜遊), and also live recorded songs, which is awesome. Gahh, is there any song of Cheer's that I don't love to death?

Probably not :P


1. 狂恋
2. 孤岛
3. 嫉妒
4. 让我想一想

Demo2 - Cheer's Walkman

1. 夜游
2. Enemy
3. 温室花朵
4. 慢歌3
5. 微凉的你


duriandave said...

Thanks for sharing these songs. It's the first time I've ever heard Cheer Chen. Sweet and soothing!

I'm so glad I found your blog. I've been trying to discover more indie bands from Hong Kong and Taiwan. At17 are one of my favorites. And my new fave is Pixel Toy. I've been listening to their CD nonstop since I bought it.

'z1 said...

Thanks again! You're an amazing source for CC's stuff =)

All I can do for my part is to recommend her music.

漪漪 said...

@duriandave -
You're welcome ^_^ I'm happy that you're enjoying Cheer's music.

I agree - Pixeltoy & at17 are awesome. I should write about pixeltoy soon hehe. I'm glad that my blog is of use to you for HK/TW indie music recommendations (hmm why no interest in mainland indie :P).

@'z1 -
Yes! Introduce Cheer to the world! :o)

duriandave said...

Why am I not interested in mainland indie? Well...because I had no idea it existed. But that's changed after reading your blog. I'm still listening my way through your past entries--but so far I really love the song Ai Ling by Sound Toy. They are amazing! How can I get their CD?

阿杰 said...

hey, i love cheer so much. have been her fan quite some time ago, i too went crazy listening to her songs and tried to find her past demos...esp like jiu fen de ka fei ting.. hah, aniway, just wanna share my thoughts on cheer. :)

漪漪 said...

@duriandave - it's really hard to buy Soundtoy's album, especially if you're overseas (they're album was self-released and mostly distributed through Cheng Du & nearby city bars). However, if you're looking for HK/TW indie, have a nice collection ^_^ and mainland's biggest indie label ships overseas ^_^

@nd3e - we should form an overseas Cheer club! ^_^

KwongHong said...

Hi Philly,
I'm a huge Cheer's fan from Msia. But it's extremely get her CD here. I've been trying hard to get "A Fabulous Adventure" album. Not to mention her demos. Really appreciate the Demo albums from Cheer. Recently addicted to HK indies. AT17, My Little Airport, Chet Lam, Ivana Wong ...