Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cao Fang Single/Songs

And with that wonderful interview comes two Cao Fang songs ^_^

Cao Fang released her first single "Di Da" after her first album "Black Perfume." Unlike her second single "I Don't Care Anyway," this song was not featured on her second album "Meeting Me." Like all of her songs, I enjoy "Di Da" very much. The chorus is awesome.

This is what Cao Fang says about the song:

Can't sleep, listening to the di di da da sounds of the clock

Can't sleep, listening to the di di da da sounds of the rain
Can't sleep, listening to the di di da da sounds of my mood/thoughts  

"The past is nonexistent, because it's no longer here. The future is nonexistent, because it is not yet here. Only the present matters. If the present in the past is memories, the present's present is ponderings, then the future's present is anticipation."

Listening to "Di Da," it's ok to be sleepless, it's ok to think about anything & everything, of course! It's also ok to not think about anything.

Spending this 3 minutes & 58 seconds (song time) together is the most important thing.

Sample Song: 滴答 (Di Da)

I don't know if this song is a single or a pre-album version of Cao Fang's "Lonely Monologue." It seems like she changed the song title in her second album because I think it was originally titled "西双版纳" (Cao Fang's hometown). Regardless, it's a nice song ^_^ I love "Lonely Monologue," and I also love this new take on the same melody. Cao Fang rocks...!

Sample Song: 孤单的独白 (Lonely Monologue) [Pre-Album Version]

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duriandave said...

I love this version of "Lonely Monologue" :)