Saturday, March 25, 2006

L.A.M.N. (line And Meter Nova Society)

Sample Song: Spangle call Lilli line And Spanova - HEAT OF THE MOMENT

Oh boy, I've been listening to so much Japanese music during the last month, and discovering so much new great artists. Of course, I've always been in love with Spangle call Lilli line's music, so when I found this album I was quite happy. L.A.M.N. is a collaboration album between SCLL, spanova, and speedometer. It is a beautiful 4 song mellow eletronic/post-rock album, and listening to it brings me a warm feeling. I've never heard of spanova and speedometer., so it's nice to find out that they have a similiar sound to SCLL. J-indie music rocks ^_^

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