Friday, March 17, 2006

Humming Urban Stereo

(thanks ori for the pictures! ^_^)

Very very happy day - Humming Urban Stereo's 2nd album recently came out! HUS (DJ Jeereen) from Korea makes funky light electro-pop music. Listening to their songs makes me happy and want to dance. I love their first album, and now I'm enjoying "Purple Drop" too ^_^

Ahh, I wish I could understand their lyrics... their song names sounds so fun *_^

I really like KBS World's description of HUS:

"Humming Urban Stereo uses the mere trifles of everyday life as it’s material for creating music. The band was created by Lee Jeereen, a 24-year-old man who is inspired by familiar things in life such as books, movies, food and friends. Thus, the lyrics of the band’s songs include lines from French movies. Sometimes, the songs are named after the title of a book by a Japanese poet that the composer had enjoyed reading. The ideas of kitsch-style by Lee Jeereen seem to lack seriousness but many times, include fun thrills. Listening to Humming Urban Stereo’s music, one naturally reflects into his or her own life. The band’s music can be simplified as something like a salad of mixed musical genres like bossa nova, acid jazz, lounge and house. The band’s music is light, smart and delightful."

Sample Song: Stalker

Banana Shake MV @ Youtube:


Anonymous said...

How do you find so many good artists? I
enjoy going to your blogs to see what's new. I hope you keep on posting more!!!

philly said...

Thank you ^_^ I will try to update once in awhile as I'm getting busier these days preparing for my 6 AP exams *_*

Anonymous said...

=/ Yeah I have to study for the SAT's.

Anonymous said...

nice work philly - kie

dawn. said...

HELLO!!! Do you know where I could get their lyrics??
You like clazziquai??

Anonymous said...

Humming Urban Stereo is such a great band...

Thanks for posting the video!

Anonymous said...

Top blog, I had not noticed earlier during my searches!
Carry on the good work!