Wednesday, March 22, 2006


What happened to Sweater?! *_* It has been 2 years since they last released an album...and now, their official site doesn't even work anymore... I miss them.

For those of you who don't know Sweater already, Sweater is a Korean band that makes mellow alternative rock/pop music. They remind me a little of Loveholic and Roller Coaster, but their sound is lighter & with a funk + bossa twist. I also love Earip's voice - so... dreamy & soothing. I hope they will release an album soon...

Sample Song: No. 7

I actually started to listen to Sweater after I became addicted to one Earip song on the "Bus Stop" Ost (A Korean movie that I still haven't watched yet but loves the ost *_^). Of course, I did not know who she was then, but because I played the "Bus Stop" ost countless times, I recognized Earip's voice when noodz-shi introduced Sweater...and then started to love Sweater's music. Thanks noodz-shi!

Sample Song: Earip - 누구도 일러주지 않았네 (소희 THEME)


wooil said...

Earip released an album, 'End Of The Bando'.

philly said...

yes, it's a lovely album ^_^ thanks for letting me know wooil.