Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Doing a Cheer search always brings me happiness ^_^ For some reason, today I was searching Cheer again *_^ and the 108music site came up. From what I've read so far, 108music (Taiwan) is made up of two artists - Goson and Emerson - who are college friends (they're still in college). And "108" is just an old dormitory number for them. I find it cute that Emerson does all the song arrangement/recording/producing for Goson's albums, and vice versa :o)

Since Goson's 2nd album is available for download at 180music, I immediately grabbed it ^_^
The reason this site came up during the search is probably because on Goson's 2nd album, he has a song called "Cheer Chen." It's actually a very short "practice" song, but I still enjoy it very much. (both Goson & Emerson likes Cheer Chen's music) Goson's 2nd album "The weather will be fine" is definitely not perfect (considering that he is a very independent artist w/ no label & limited resources-almost like me singing & making an album, although that wouldn't turn out so well *_*). However, I really enjoy the simplicity and pureness of the album. It has a refreshing, relaxing, "Taiwan" feel to it. Go get it now!

Sample Song: 2100

In "2100" Goson sings about a dysfunctional cellphone. The lyrics cracks me up ^_^

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