Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cold Fairyland

It's amazing how many sites come up when I do a search for "Cold Fairyland" on Google in English. It seems like all the foreigners who visits Shanghai go to their shows and are amazed by them! ^_^ Hmm, how should I describe Cold Fairyland? I was first introduced to them by judy819 at the Chinese Indie group (come and join!). Cold Fairyland makes dark, dream pop music with a mix of mellow electronics, rock, and lots of traditional Chinese intruments like the pipa and erhu, which is refreshing & awesome. Whenever I listen to Cold Fairyland, I feel calm and dreamy, entranced by this world music mixed with rock and traditional Chinese sounds.

I am actually at the library right now hehe, because I still don't have any internet connection at our new house. Whee free internet! :o)

OK, now go to these links to read more about Cold Fairlyland in English! (aka people who writes so much better than me *_^)

Cold Fairyland Official Site
Cold Fairyland Description
Musical Chameleons: Cold Fairyland
Rock In China Interview

Sample Song: 黑色的翅膀 (Black Wing)


DropArmy said...

Any Album yet?

Radical said...

There's one song by Cold Fairyland on the Silent Agreement 1 compilation. You can read about it here: