Monday, January 02, 2006

Cheer Chen Unreleased Tracks

Ah, might as well dedicate this blog to Cheer Chen. This is my third post about her. Nowadays, it's hard to pick my favorite Cheer song. In fact, the real question is - which isn't my favorite song. Of course, I'll answer none, because every Cheer song has its own flavor, its own life. I never get tired of any.

So, since I found some unreleased tracks from her today, I am very, very happy. They're wonderful, and I hope Cheer will officially released them in her future albums. I can't wait.

By the way, happy new year everyone! ^_^

Unreleased Track 1: Subway (Fireworks)
Mellow & relaxing. I wouldn't expect anything less from Cheer.

Unreleased Track 2: Going to England Next Week
Nice acoustic melody + Cheer's cute voice = a very enjoyable song.

80% Perfect Life Performance
Cheer started cry about half way through this song, and her fans comforted & encouraged her by singing for her & saying "we love you!" It's a beautiful moment.

Lying in your closet MV
Love the song and thought the MV was interesting. When she was interviewed while making this MV, Cheer explained that she wanted to incorporate dark elements into her MV and show the conflicts of love. After all, she says, many elements, including conflicts, make up a relationship and bring the joy to love in the end.


helikoppter said...

Yay! Unreleased Cheer tracks!!
Thanks philly, as always :)

philly said...

You're always welcome Anna ^_^
It's kinda funny (and also frustrating) when I find Cheer Chen unreleased songs just a few days after I do a whole discography. Now it's incomplete *_*

I have to figure something out now :P :o)