Friday, January 13, 2006

75 Minutes

So, the other day, a guy named Sean sent me a pm through my profile asking me if I want to be the Asian indie contributor for his podcast radio show - 75 Minutes. 75 Minutes is a weekly online program playing independent music from all around the world (yay!). I listened to few of their shows, and enjoyed most of the songs/artists they recommended. I decided to join the team, since Asian indie music definitely needs more love, especially in the states ^_^ Another wonderful thing about 75 Minutes is that they offer their shows in 128kbps mp3 format and/or enhanced AAC files.

Interestingly, people from mainland China are 75 Minutes' second most listeners, after the US. Go Chinese indie lovers!

Check them out, and support the independent music scene :o)

About 75 Minutes: (Quoting directly from their site)

We at 75 Minutes scour the earth looking for the best of the independent music world: no matter the language, style, or level of presumed hipness. We have a bias for the new, but an appreciation for the path that lead us here.

We. like you, are music fans, not deeply crass and fraudulent critics of minutiae. We simply look for music that kicks ass, no matter which container it comes in.

Our goal is to contribute to the independent community, not just mirror or comment on it, and we hope to have listeners who will contribute, and be active in the community as well.

The world is now thoroughly connected by music. We simply want to make new connections.

Official Site
75 Minutes @ iTunes


Mike said...

Hey Philly. It's great to have you on board. Lyssa and I are psyched to get more music from that part of the world in the show. In the mid and late 90's I had an obsession with the Japanese pop/punk/indie scene (mostly revolving around Snuffy Smiles Records) but have completely lost touch, so I'm definitely looking forward to what you send our way. In addition I've made it a habit to check out your blog.


philly said...

Hi Mike - I'm not very familiar with Japanese punk, but haha, if you want to turn 75 Minutes into a Jpop show, that would be quite easy! ^_^

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and I look forward to contribute to 75 Minutes too. :o)