Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My Beautiful Rock Dream

Wow, these days I've been listening to an excess amount of mellow/ballad music and feels sleepy all the time. After trying out some Veltpunch (J-indie rock) music today (thanks Anna! ^_^), I decided that I needed to wake up. So I digged up my "My Beautiful Rock Dream" album and cranked the volume up. Awesome.

"My Beautiful Rock Dream" is a very nice Taiwan rock compilation album. It has punk rock, soft rock, even some fun disco-rock, whatever that is *_^ Ah, I think I'm hyper now ^_^

err, did I mention that putfile hates me? It seldomly works for me nowadays. I think I might resort to ftp again in the future *_* Any good free host suggestions?

Sample Track: Neon - 无悔 (No Regrets)

Sample Track: Chaotic Island - 麻烦大了 (Big Trouble)


helikoppter said...

I haven't tried it myself, but I've seen other people use EZArchive. No idea how that "free sharing with friends and family" works though...

philly said...

Thanks for the suggestion Anna - I took a look at EZArchive, and I think you share files with "family & friends" through emailing the files you upload via EZArchive. I'm not 100% sure though :P