Friday, January 06, 2006

Harbour Thumbs Up X'mas

Two concerts was organized by Harbour records during the two days before Christmas last year, featuring HK indie artists such as My Little Airport, 22 Cats, False Alarm, and Fantastic Day (to name a few).

The great thing is that everyone who goes to this concert gets a free compilation cd. This reminds me of Cheer Chen, who keeps her indie spirit by distributing mini-albums especially made for her concerts. How lovely.

Here is the tracklist:

01. Florian - Jesus loves children
02. Fantastic Day - are you coming back?
03. The Yours - Cry for glory
04. My little airport - Japan实瓜 (acoustic demo)
05. False alarm - Blood love
06. 人头马 - 人头马风湿初夜
07. 咖啡因公园 - Zeiss
08. 22 Cats - 一个饮
09. Reonda - It smells nice in the graveyard
10. Wilson Tsang - Midnight sun (3am demo)
11. Band Band - 不美不成理
12. 在草地上 - 目的地(漫无目的版)

I recognize roughly half of the artists from the list above. From what I've heard & from the tracklist, I believe most of these songs are either never released demos or just never released songs by these artsits ^_^ Anyway, I was very excited when it featured a My Little Airpot demo song (quite short, but most of their songs are short). I also enjoy Reonda's songs very much, although I've never heard of her before (and can't seem to find info on her right now).

I wish to go to Hong Kong someday, attend an indie concert, and get a only-released-in-concert cd too ^_^

MLA @ Harbour Thumbs Up X'mas Concert
photo credit: Lucky Mr.
Guy Tang

Sample Song: My Little Airport - Japan實瓜 (Acoustic Demo)

Sample Song: Reonda - It Smells Nice In The Graveyard


helikoppter said...

I absolutely love that MLA song!!! Thanks philly ^__^

I too wish to go to Hong Kong someday, attend an indie concert, and get a only-released-in-concert cd! Perhaps we could make a detour if I ever make it to China for cd shopping with you :p

philly said...

Yay, me too! ^_^ I love it when P sings "but I say Japan實瓜" (Japan stupid) haha ^_^

Detour it is! Maybe we will drop by Taiwan too ^_^

robot action boy said...

i'm loving that mla demo! thanks so much for posting it!!:)

philly said...

you're welcome ^_^ I love it too.