Sunday, January 08, 2006

Natural Q

Natural Q is one of the very first Taiwan indie-pop groups that I’ve listened to. Since I love weird happy funky music, when I heard Natural Q’s upbeat, funny song “c’est la vie,” I knew I had to find out more about the Taiwan/Hong Kong indie-pop scene (I don’t think there are many cute indie-pop groups from mainland China… Is there? *_*).

Natural Q’s second album just came out about week ago. Overall it’s mellower than their first album “C’est la vie.” However, they’ve kept their funky cute sound, thus I enjoy both albums very much. Hehe, since I think their lyrics are super cute too, I will do a translation of the sample song ^_^ (ok so after the translation I realized it doesn’t sound as funny & cute in English :P But they’re still awesome!)

Interview @ petiteMort

Sample song: 鱼罐头 (Fish Head/Fish Can)

A couple of months ago you said you loved me,
And that without me, you couldn’t live.
Right now you don’t even call me anymore,
Not even an email.

In the beginning you sang love songs everyday,
Soon you wouldn’t even come and see me.
Does that mean I’ve turned into a fish head?!

When I’m bored, please give me a call.
You only have to move a few fingers,
I won’t make you wait long.

When I’m bored, please give me a call,
Just want to hear you tell me that
You like to eat fresh beef.

Repeat whole thing :P

When I’m bored, please give me a call.
Even though I’m only a fish head,
I can accompany you for a long time.

Indie-pop rules! ^_^

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