Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bad Head 3 - Garden Village

Usually badhead compilations contain overall slow, relaxing songs. Listening to one of the compilation for the first time a month ago (thanks Anna!), I discovered the wonderful folk singer Wang Juan.

I mentioned Wang Juan just a post earlier regarding her collaboration album with Huzi, so why not properly introduce her in this post? ^_^ I have only heard a couple of Wang Juan's songs through compilation albums. However, it was love at first listen. Wang Juan's acoustic folk melodies are beautiful in their simplicity and mellowness. Definitely go to her
label site, read her bio (in English!), and sample her whole album. ^_^


Sample Song: Wang Juan - 遥远 (In Distance)

Sample Song: Zhou Yun Peng - 我听到某人在唱一首忧伤的歌 (I Hear Someone Singing a Sad Song)

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