Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cheer Chen goodies @

I was yet again, looking for more Cheer Chen MVs, and so I did a search at *_^

So many goodies came up!

Cheer MVs:

Rocker girl!



Cheer Chen's Rock Concert Pt. I
After the release of her recent album "A Fabulous Adventure," Cheer held a concert in Taiwan. On her second & last show, after two encores... people still kept on clapping... What will Cheer do?

Cheer Chen's Rock Concert Pt. II
Sing again of course! ^_^

最初的起点 (The Very Beginning - Da Da Da Version)
Behind the scenes of Cheer & her band @ her HK concert - some taken by Cheer herself ^_^

Cheer Chen singing "吉他手 (Guitarist)" live
I love when Cheer let her audience sing the "Wo ai ni (I love you)" part ^_^

Why she wrote "A Fabulous Adventure"
I'm too lazy to translate now :P But she's talks about how she already wrote the song "A Fabulous Adventure" 8 years ago & it didn't really fit with her other albums until now (on her new album). She said the song talks about not wanting to go on with life alone. Life is only a fabulous adventure when you're with someone you trust/believe in/nice/funny (ok maybe I added some qualities). Oops, I think I just translated the whole thing :P

Concert @ Tainan University Clip I

Concert @ Tainan University Clip II

Concert @ Tainan University Clip III

Concert @ Tainan University Clip IV

Concert @ Tainan University V

All Credits goes to their original uploaders

By the way, has any of you guys/girls realized that my long term goal for writing this blog is to convert all of you into Cheer Chen maniacs?


'z1 said...

thanks for sharing the goodies! you've converted me :D

philly said...

yay! success! happiness! ^_^

nekromaniak said...

thanks for the vids!

sam said...

cheer chen rocks so much
she sounds even better live :D