Saturday, January 14, 2006

Huang Hsiao Chen

I don't usually go search for personal information on an artist/band unless I'm really really crazy about him/her/them (haha *cough* Cheer Chen *cough*). After all, only the music matters for me. However, listening to the Taiwanese singer/songwriter Huang Hsiao Chen's English songs, I wondered if she studied abroad. Her English is so good (grammar + pronounciation wise). And so I googled her - and yup, she went to UCLA as a psychology major. (btw, this it totally irrevelant, but Cheer Chen's major was philosophy!). Oh, and if you're wondering what Huang Hsiao Chen's blood type is, it's A :P

Anyway, Huang Hsiao Chen makes awesome acoustic rock music. She sings in both mandarin and English, which is quite refreshing to hear (yay I can understand without having to concentrate hard!). Some of her lyrics are funny too, and you will hear them in "Loveli Sickness." ^_^

Sample Song: Loveli Sickness

Sample Song: Cake

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DropArmy said...

Very nice songs. Are their any other albums of her, except for EXPIRY?